• granular feed for sporting and active horses
  • does not contain oats
  • a good source of protein and energy for horses under load
  • Provides „ fast and slow „ energy
  • min.-vit. Premix is sufficient also for high load

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Product description
PROVET® AKTIV GRANULE are designed for sport and race horses under load. It enjoys popularity due to its well worked-out composition, simplicity of feeding and visible results. Its composition completely covers the demands for energy and protein for performance horses-athletes and hard working. It completely ensures the need for all necessary minerals, microelements and vitamins for medium and high load of horses without the need to include additional premixes or supplements.

Feeding instructions
PROVET® AKTIV GRANULE can be fed separately or be supplemented with additional grain feed. Dosage from 1,5 to 3 kg per day with a horse weighing 500 kg. Adapt to the load and nutritional condition of the horse. Fill the feeding ration in with water, hay and salt lick.

Feeding instructions
Horse weight 400 500 600 kg
Light load 0,8 1 2,2 kg
Medium load 1,8 2,4 4 kg
Hard load 3 4 6 kg

Barley, maize, granules of lucerne fodder crops, monocalcium phosphate, wheat brans, soy extracted grout (GMO), sugar cuts, vegetable oil – rapeseed, beet molasses, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate.
Nutritional values
Nutritional values
SEk MJ 11,47
Fat g 52,88
Fibre g 60,96
Starch g 370,87
Sugar g 30,95
Crude g 107,16
Lys g 3,99
Ca g 14,84
P g 14,38
Na g 2,41
K g 6,88
Cl g 3,84
Mg g 7,53
Fe mg 169,2
Cu mg 64,76
Mn mg 143,9
Zn mg 214
Se mg 1,13
I mg 1,1
Co mg 0,63
Vit.A IU 30000
Vit.D IU 3120
Vit.E IU 289,3

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